Do You Need Counseling?


The following set of statements can help you identify the issues that you are facing and how Nate could assist you in handling these situations or experiences.

I have anxiety symptoms that are interfering with my life.
Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that we face. Nate is thoroughly trained in the physiology (what is happening within the body), neurology (what is happening in the brain), psychology (the way our mind works), behavior (the things we do), and treatment (how do we fix it) of anxiety. The approach that Nate utilizes to address anxiety will touch on each of these factors. This holistic approach relies mainly on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy – the “gold standard” approach shown by research to be most effective in treating anxiety).

I have experienced a few of the following that last for at weeks at a time:
– low energy
– low motivation
– intense sadness
– inability to feel happiness
– suicidal thoughts
– change in sleep patterns
– change in appetite
– low self esteem
These are some common symptoms of depression, which is a very common mental health issue. Nate has a great deal of experience and training in the treatment of depression using multiple approaches that have shown to be effective in decreasing your symptoms of depression.

I am having difficulty in my relationships with others.
People can experience problems in their relationships for a number of reasons. Nate can help you to identify your particular struggles and explore ways to address these struggles.

I have experienced a trauma (a negative event that involved threat or danger to your life such as abuse/violence, a car accident, etc.) that is causing me difficulties (nightmares, stress, flashbacks –intense memories, etc). 
This is referred to as post traumatic stress and is a natural reaction our body and mind has to experiencing a severe negative event. Nate uses several approaches that can help people heal from these experiences, including EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).

I find that I feel overwhelmed by stress more often than I would like.
Stress management is a common issue that brings people into the counseling process. Often counseling can be a valuable tool that helps people feel that they can handle the stress that is present in their lives. Depending on your individual and unique stressors (the things that cause stress in your life), counseling would likely include identifying your stressors and learning coping skills that apply to those stressors and fit in best with your personality and preferences.

I have suffered a loss (death of a loved one, loss of ability, break up, etc) that has caused me pain and I am struggling to find a way to learn to cope with this pain.The grief and loss process is often a long and painful process. Nate can help by offering you support in finding ways to grieve while attempting to minimize your distress and disruption of your ability to function.

I don’t feel like I have anyone that can hear and understand the things that I am going through.
This is one area in which counseling can be very effective in helping people. Sometimes simply having someone to listen can help you feel less distressed. The counseling process involves having someone who is present to listen and understand the issues that cause you troubles.

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