New Clients

Please only complete and submit these documents once you have a scheduled initial appointment and Nate has instructed you to visit this page. This page contains all of the information you will need to begin the intake process. If you are looking to make an appointment, please complete the contact form.

Thank you for choosing to begin counseling with Nate Marshall Counseling, PLLC. On this page you will find the documents for you to fill out before your first visit. Please be aware that these forms can take up to several hours to complete, so please plan accordingly. Having these documents completed before your first session will greatly speed up the process of getting you enrolled for services and allow us to have more time to focus on beginning your counseling services at our first appointment. I request that you complete and submit these forms before noon the day before your appointment in order to allow me time to open your file. If I do not have these forms before then, we will need to reschedule to allow you time to complete these forms. There are 5 documents here, 4 of the forms require that you fill them out and submit electronically through this website.

Client Info

Please fill this form out as thoroughly as possible. If a particular field does not apply, please indicate this by submitting an “N/A” in that field. If you are using your insurance to pay for your sessions, you will need to complete the part labeled “Section 2” with your insurance info. There is also an option to upload a picture of the front and back of your insurance card. If you do not use this option, I will need to get a physical copy of your insurance card at our first appointment. If you are not using insurance, neither “section 2” nor the picture of an insurance card need to be completed, but the rest of the document will need to be completed.

Informed Consent

This document thoroughly describes the counseling process and other policies of Nate Marshall Counseling, PLLC. Please read the document thoroughly. The form will prompt you for the areas that need either an initial or signature to indicate that you have read and understand the policies contained therein.

Comprehensive Background Information

This document will assist in the process of gathering information about you, your background, and the nature of the issues that bring you in for treatment. Please fill out as much as possible in as much detail as possible. This form is a very valuable tool that helps speed up the process of evaluation and treatment planning. Be prepared that this is a lengthy and thorough document, so please allow appropriate time to fill it out as completely as possible.

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Statement

his 2 page document does not require a signature or any submission, it is just for your information. This form describes how confidentiality is handled by Nate Marshall Counseling, PLLC.


This questionnaire asks about difficulties due to the mental health conditions/concerns for which you are seeking help. Think back over the past 30 days and answer these questions thinking about how much difficulty you had doing the following activities. For each question, please select the response that best describes your situation. If the question does not seem to apply to you, respond “none.”

Thank you for taking the time to complete these forms and I look forward to meeting you in our first session!

Address and Directions

2200 E Williams Field Road,
Suite 200
Gilbert AZ, 85295

Directions to my office:

  • Exit the San Tan 202 at Williams Field and head West.
  • Get into the far right lane & turn into San Tan Village at the entrance just after “The Keg.”
  • Head straight through the stop sign.
  • Continue straight through another 2 stop signs.
  • Continue heading straight until you see the restaurant “SALT” on your left.
  • Find parking somewhere in the area to your right (by “Forever 21”).
  • Walk towards the private parking lot between “SALT” and “Quicks Babershop” (this parking lot is a permit
    only tow zone, so I do not recommend parking here).
  • Walk towards the walkway between the two buildings in front of you (labeled 2206 & 2200).
  • Take the stairs on your left or the elevator through the doors on your right.
  • After 10am, alternate parking is available on the other side of the building between “Coach” and “Kay
    Jewelers.” This parking is limited, especially depending on the time of the year.
  • You can check in with the front desk receptionist and she will let me know that you are here. I will come
    out to greet you in the main reception area in short order. If the receptionist is not present, please call or
    text me to inform me that you have arrived.

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