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Uncertainty: The Only Certainty In Life

“If you want to be successful in this field, you’d better learn to love ambiguity.”  A professor said this to her class 12 years ago.  As a student in that class, I can almost hear these words today as clearly … Continue reading

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Getting Around to Talking About Procrastination: 3 Simple Principles to Stop Delaying and Getting It Done

  I have intended to write this post for 3 months now.  My process has been as follows: Identify the topic – check. Brainstorm an outline of what I want to say – check. Stagnate – check. Stall – check. … Continue reading

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The Search for the Positive

This post is aimed at helping you through struggles.  Not of the external variety such as financial stress or interpersonal problems, but targeting those struggles that reside within our own minds.  This is about the way that we see and … Continue reading

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Sleep 101: How to Give Yourself the Best Chance at a Good Night’s Sleep

               It’s been a long day.  From the time the alarm went off until this moment, as you lay your head on the pillow, you have been going full steam ahead.  Meeting the demands of your job, your kids, the … Continue reading

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Should I Stay or Should I Go: How to Decide What to Do With An Unfulfilling Job

  Chances are, we’ve all been there: dreading to go to work the next day because we just absolutely despise our job.  Perhaps it is due to the work itself: too boring/unchallenging or stressful/overwhelming; perhaps it is due to your … Continue reading

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Grief & Loss – Understanding and Coping with the Pain

There may be no life experience that is more profoundly painful than the loss of a loved one.  Unfortunately, it is an incident that we all must face at numerous stages in our lives.  Even though these are losses that … Continue reading

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Defeat the Worry Beast

We have all, at one time or another, been overpowered by the beast that is worry.  We are bombarded by “what if” thoughts, attacked by nightmarish fantasies about every possible thing that could possibly go wrong.  This may be triggered … Continue reading

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Stress Management

         Stress:  that ever-present, life-span shortening, ulcer-inducing, pull-out your-hair condition that is part and parcel of our modern lives.  If there is one issue that I talk about with every client, this is it.  Stress has an immediate impact on … Continue reading

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A New Adventure: My Journey Toward Becoming A Blogger (And Why You Should Try New Things Too)

     We just (somewhat recently) rang in 2016 and while I don’t personally do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, I do appreciate it as a cultural phenomenon.  As a licensed professional counselor, I am in the business of helping … Continue reading

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